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Tamposkine Cork Line Collections, our company Design and manufacture our 100% Sustainable Cork product line. Our Company soon became aware of the endless potential of this 100% natural raw material, taking the opportunity to create new design and transforming into a choice item in the context of an informed society, aware of the environmental problems that result from their consumption.
Our collections offer a wide range of calendars, agendas, notebooks, travel items, and hang bag, office accessories, electronic accessories and collateral material. Most items are manufactured by us.                   
Our new line collection made by 100% Natural Cork is biodegradable and eco-friendly material.
We offer to our customer the possibility to create a corporate gift, we customize these items by incorporating your corporate or other identity using logos, names, initials in an elegant and complimentary style.
Our mission to respect the principles of economic, social and environmental development, and encourage new creations in a sustainable world.
We offer our customers, competence, quality, sophistication, professionalism and integrity, values always upheld in the conduct of our business.